Asset Search

We search non stop until we discover asset for you. Other companies charge you monthly to search for assets, with us; it's FREE.

Asset Discovery

We specialize in discovering various asset. Cash is the most prevalent and you will be amazed how much funds you have waiting for you.

Asset Recovery

Finding assets that belong to you is one thing, recovering asset and getting it to you is another. With Fundsville Asset Recovery Inc, we specialize in recovering assets.

Heir Finder

Sometimes, assets are not directly yours, they could be passed over to you by family member. We are specialist in tracing all assets that may have been transfered to you.

Issue Resolution

Our services are beyond compare when it comes to client interactions. We guide you step by step and partner with you in reclaiming funds.

Private Investigation

We perform in-depth analysis. Our dedicated Private Investigation team provides detailed analysis for any investigative service.

Success Stories

We recover funds you don't even know about, getting you money when you need it.

Step 1

Got a Letter from Fundsville? Search by your Refund ID and Last name to get your Refund.

Step 2

No Refund ID? No Problem! Perform a free search by Name/City using the "Find Funds By Name" option.

Step 3

Verify your information and Agree to terms to get started with the process of getting a Refund.