Fundsville, Helping you Recover Funds

At fundsville, we specialize in helping you recover funds you may not even know about. You could have funds available from bonds, stocks, deposits, refunds or inheritance that is being held in an interest bearing trust account waiting for you to reclaim. Our clients are typically those that have moved and have a different address at some point, or a holding agency is unable to locate them.

Funds are forwarded to trust accounts bearing interest until you can reclaim the funds. Fundsville discover these funds and help you recover them. You can start by searching for an asset using the tracker below.

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We recover funds you don't even know about, getting you money when you need it.

Types of Assets:

Use the arrow on the right to scroll through samples of assets that we specialise in discovering. We help you discover and recover assets belonging to you that you are not even aware of. We will trace, search and find assets either locally or nationally based on licensing and ensure that the assets are recovered and delivered to you.

At fundsville, we specialize in helping you recover funds. We search assets continuosly on your behalf until we discover asset for you. We partner with third party holding agencies to locate and match asset with a rightful owner. Searching for a asset is simple, free and only take a few seconds.

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We focus on helping you recover asset in a timely manner.We use methodical and comprehensive techniques in matching available asset to the rightful owner and use same technique in helping you recover funds.

At times, the original asset owner is dead or has long passed on the estate to an heir (in many cases, grand and great grand parents leaving assets for their grand and great grand kids. As time passed, these assets could be easily forgotten especially if the parents are not there to help their kids through the process of reclaiming the estate. Fundsville specializes in resolving cases like this and even more complicated ones. If you have specic scenerio you will like us to help you resolve, give us a call to explore our heir specialist options.

Yes we do special private investigation for corporations that wants specific details and confirmation on an employee, we help lawfirms in researching and providing investigative document which is admissible in court and used for case disposition. We work with small medium and large organization in performing various research, analytics and investigative services. For specifics on how we can provide our services to you, please give us a call to find out more.